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Soil Aeration

  • Growth rate of the grass thus an improvement in its ability to withstand and recover from pedestrian use
  • Ability of water and fertilizer to penetrate to the grass roots
  • Increase soil’s absorption rate from irrigation
  • Promote root growth activity contributing to the strength and health of the grass
  • Increase the ability of bacteria present in the soil to break down and decompose the thatch layer thus increasing the soils ability to hold sufficient amounts of moisture between waterings
  • Ability for grass to withstand low water situations and heat stress

Chisel Ploughing

  • Chisel plough are used to shatter but not turn or move the soil.
  • They work on the same principle as rippers, but in the top 30 cm of the soil.
  • The soil must be dry to moist, otherwise the plough will smear and seal the soil surfaces.
Chisel Ploughing


The subsoiler is a tillage tool which will improve growth in all crops where soil compaction is a problem. Rippers or subsoilers break up compacted soil below the depth reached by conventional cultivation, to improve drainage and aeration, allowing the filtering of surface water down through the profile avoiding ponding and allowing moisture to be stored for use during dry periods.

Most have slanted tines or a sharply angled leading point to lessen the power required to pull the ripper. This design also helps lift and shatter the subsoil so that any compacted layer is broken up.

Soil should be reasonably dry when it is ripped. Ripping wet soil does not shatter the subsoil and can smear and seal the soil beside the ripper tine. Smeared surfaces prevent air, water and roots moving through the soil.


Disc Cultivators

Mainly used for

  • Stubble mulching
  • Breaking up cloddy ground
  • Assist fertilizer dispersal
  • Fire breaks
  • Lime incorporation
Disc Cultivators

Fertilizer Application / Spreading

The seed or fertilizer is distributed evenly and accurately.
Ideal for:

  • Lawn feeding
  • Small farm fertilizing
  • Golf course
  • School and industrial seeding
  • Spreading
Fertilizer Application Spreading

Rotary Hoe

  • Rotary Hoe can be tractor mounted or self propelled (walk behind).
  • Rotary hoe aerate the soil and provide a fine seedbed
  • Ideal for fine tilling of soil prior to planting
  • Also used for soil stabilisation
Rotary Hoe


  • Grass and weed control
  • Estate grass care
  • Pasture topping
  • General farm maintenance slashing
  • Roadside maintenance
  • Heavy scrub regrowth control
  • Fire breaks